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So Long, And Thanks For All The Fun

Mark Wagner


This is my last note to the SJAA as club president, and as a member of the board of directors. And it is not so much a goodbye (I'll be around), as it is allowing a transition to a new and energized board of directors, that I expect to be filled by some of our most active and creative members. You will undoubtedly recognize their names. These are the individuals with whom I choose to entrust the immediate future and long term direction of the SJAA.

First though, acknowledgements are in order.

Thank you to Rod Norden and Kevin Roberts, both of whom have been board of director members for four or five years, but have decided to not run for their seats again, and for a very good reason! Their participation on the board and great support of the club is both noteworthy and commendable. Rod taught our Beginner Astronomy classes outdoors for several years, and will continue to support that program. Kevin is surely well known to anyone that comes to the Friday night star parties at Houge Park, as his knowledge and fun personality provided both education and entertainment to all he encounters. I look forward to seeing him again on Houge Friday nights. Kevin and Rod were and are committed to, passionate about, their hobby and the SJAA. I'm glad they will continue their support of the club, even after their leaving the board.

So, why are we three leaving the board?

We've all served, for about five years (long enough), and there is new blood with new ideas, with great enthusiasm, ready to move the club forward again. Kevin, Rod and I have all had that opportunity, and I'm pleased with all we've accomplished. I know we'll all still be around, and can be counted on as experienced advisers, when needed. I also know we'll enjoy seeing the club "leadership" once again fired up and moving, by the infusion of ideas and energy new enthusiastic board members will bring.

I'll close by recommending Rob Jaworski as the next SJAA president. He has been on the board long enough, knows how things work, and is tireless in his participation with the SJAA. Since there will be three board seats open, if not four, when elections take place at the February Annual Meeting - I would be pleased to see Dave Ittner, Teruo Utsumi, Ed Wong or Harsh Kaushikkar nominated and elected to fill any open seats. They have been as active, if not more active, than many of the current board (hard to keep up with such enthusiasm), and all have my full support.

I think it is important to have new people involved with the SJAA at the board level, so we don't end up with entrenchment, burnout, or lack of acceptance of new ideas or opportunities brought to the SJAA by its members. We need those who want to share their enjoyment of the hobby with others, and board seats are the best way to put the club in those hands - so it can continue to grow. I'm for a growing, expanding club!

I see a great immediate future for the SJAA, and look forward to supporting its continued growth.

I've had a wonderful time serving on the board and as president with the SJAA. Thank you all for allowing me the honor. And once again, my personal thanks, and thanks on behalf of the club, to Kevin and Rod for their great service on the board.... well done!

Here's to a great 2013 for a great club! Come out and support it.


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