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Exoplanet Scoreboard


The numbers in parentheses are from a year ago, the last time we printed this scoreboard.

Current number of exoplanet candidates from all sources: unknown but probably more than 3000.

Number of exoplanet candidates found by Kepler: 2,740 (2,326)

Planets Detected - all sources: 859 (708)

Confirmed planets detected by Kepler: 105 (28)

Smallest planet around a sunlike star: Tau Ceti e – 5 earth masses.

Closest planet: Alpha Centauri B b. – 4 light years away.

Super Earths Detected: several

Extraterrestrial Life Confirmed: 0

Intelligent Life: 0 (not counting Earth and, then again, why would we?)

Number of observations analyzed by citizen scientists at 16,575,683. Number of planetary candidates found: 34


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