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Board Elections at 2013 Annual Meeting

Mark Wagner


As we leave 2012 behind, I have to say, SJAA has had a great year! We’ve added several new programs, enjoyed outstanding speakers, seen membership participation surging, and have increased membership to over 300 for the first time in... I can’t remember. The SJAA is truly a club by and for its members. Your Board of Directors welcomes any and all members participation - it is truly the “Mother’s Milk” (the Via Lactea) that nourishes and grows our organization. Thank you all, for the great year we’ve had in 2012. Let’s make 2013 even more fun and fulfilling!

On to a little business - Board Elections.

As you may know, the SJAA’s Annual Meeting is when elections are held for seats on the Board of Directors. The 2013 Annual Meeting is February 23rd, 2013, 8PM, in the hall at Houge Park. I am writing the membership to ask for nominations. We want those who the membership feels would best contribute, enthusiastically, energetically, and creatively.

How can you nominate someone? Simply e-mail the name of the person you are nominating (ask them first!) to our nominating committee:

Kevin Robert (Director and Nominating Committee Chair)

Mina Wagner (Director)

Greg Claytor (VP, Director)

We’ve created this e-mail address for nominations:

Keep in mind the qualification requirements: Candidates for the Board of Directors shall be current members of the SJAA. To be qualified candidates shall have been SJAA members for one year or more immediately prior to election or appointment or have previously been an SJAA member for at least one year, or have attended six monthly board meetings.

I can assure you, our board meetings are fun, interesting and productive. It is a great way to become more involved, and to help keep the club a wonderfully inclusive and expansive place. Know someone good? Nominate them!

SJAA holds eleven board meetings each year, skipping only April (taxes and our annual auction intervene), at 6 PM on full moon weekends, preceding our General Meetings. Board meetings are open for anyone to attend and participate.


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