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SJAA Activities


Here are some pictures from just a few recent SJAA activities. Clockwise from the photo on right: 1) Some solar viewing was made available at the Almaden Art&Wine festival in September. The two young girls shown were part of a dance troupe. They later pulled the entire company over to see the flares and prominences; 2) Rob Jaworski was at the same festival, shown here with his “Mountie” hat; 3) Steve Gottlieb was the speaker at the General Meeting on September 23, here he is making a point about M51; 4) Michael Packer is setting up the club’s new solar telescope at the Art&Wine festival; 5) The Imaging Special Interest Group set up on the tennis courts at Houge Park on October 6; 6) Pumpkin ready for an eclipse. Photos 1,2, 4 and 5 by Ed Wong; Photo 3 by Paul Kohlmiller; Photo 6 by Michael Packer


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