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Letter to San Jose City Council

Mark Wagner


Dear Councilmember Rocha,

My name is Mark Wagner. I am president of the San Jose Astronomical Association, an educational non-profit in your district, and primary user of Houge Park through the Department of Parks and Recreation. We were recently supporting the Celebrate Cambrian Festival, where you were, and last year were awarded a wonderful $1,000 grant from the City by your predecessor for our service. We are very proud of our association with City of San Jose, and pleased to be passionate supporters of our City and its fine programs. I believe our organization, now serving San Jose for almost 60 years, has been at Houge Park for 18 happy years.

With that background, I want to commend the City, and in particular those copied on this e-mail, for their diligent efforts at problem solving, when our organization faced a recent “deal breaker” maintenance problem at Houge Park. Richard and Mary stayed on top of overseeing our situation, and Jaime addressed the on-site details, and I know it was no small task, in order to come to what seems a happy conclusion. Thank you all.

I send this to you to commend them for their efforts, and support. I am terrifically impressed with the people at City of San Jose, all the way back to the initial contacts preceding our contract with the City (Rudy Navarro, now retired). I have nothing but admiration and thanks.

I look forward to many more years of partnering our organization with City of San Jose.

I will be submitting this letter to our newsletter, and would be happy if you found some way to use it in promotion of those with the City, who work so hard for us.


Mark Wagner


San Jose Astronomical Association


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