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Messier Half-Marathon

Teruo Utsumi


Many astronomy enthusiasts have thought and dreamed about the Messier Marathon, seeing and bagging the 100+ objects over the course of one night. But the prospect is so daunting that only the most daring, hardy (and crazy?) people actually attempt it.

For the rest of us, the SJAA is presenting an opportunity to save yourself from the after-effects of such an all-nighter. Try your hand at star-hopping your way to half of the M objects in the inaugural SJAA Messier Half Marathon.

The event takes place at Henry Coe State Park’s overflow lot on the evening of 13 October 2012. This is a social, newbie friendly event open to beginners (with basic skills) through advanced observers. The goal is to find roughly 50 Messier Objects in four hours. Running shoes and the 13.1 mile run are optional.

Detailed guidelines, including an object/target list, are under development and will be posted soon. To sign up, please go to the sign up form, then mark your calendars!

And please direct your questions to:


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