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Imaging SIG

Harsh Kaushikkar


SJAA held the first meeting of the Imaging Special Interest Group at Houge Park on Friday June 29 between 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Close to 30 people attended. There were a few experienced imagers along with many members who are just starting out. The goal of this Imaging SIG is to bring together fellow imagers and discuss technical issues and share information. During the first meeting the group touched upon quite a few introductory topics and concepts that Astro-imagers should know and think about before picking up this hobby.

Most attendees talked about their experience and sometimes frustration at equipment complexity and problems they faced and felt that such a working group would be a great place to seek ideas and solutions.

A few even shared some of their images with the group and gave details about their equipment and how they acquired those images. Two basic imaging setups were on display at the hall also for beginners to get a feel for what to look for!

The general consensus was that this meeting should be held as frequently as once per month.

During the follow-up meetings we will pick on each of the introductory topics and discuss them in detail. Moving forward we may have workshops, tutorials and imaging sessions organized as a group for the benefit of all. We will also work towards establishing an Imaging committee which will help keep this Special Interest Group well organized.


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