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It Must Be Astronomical


The loaner program offers members a means to try scopes of various sizes and technologies before you buy. For more information please see the loaner program web page:

Upcoming Election

During the February General Meeting the SJAA membership will be asked to elect board members for the 4 positions that are up for election. The incumbents will be running for reelection. They are: Greg Claytor, Rob Jaworski, Robert Armstrong, and Kevin Roberts. After the new board is elected in February the board selects officers at the March board meeting.

Nominations for the board can be made at the February General meeting but those wishing to be nominated are advised to make themselves known to the club president, Mark Wagner.

“Education has failed in a very serious way to convey the most important lesson science can teach: skepticism”

– David Suzuki

School Star Party Link

For information on school star parties including how to schedule one see For more detailed information on upcoming star parties go to


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