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Exoplanet Scoreboard


Current number of exoplanet candidates from all sources: unknown but probably more than 3000.

Number of exoplanet candidates found by Kepler: 2,326

Eclipsing binary stars detected by Kepler: 2,165

Planets Detected - all sources: 708

Confirmed planets detected by Kepler: 28

Super Earths Detected: 1

Extraterrestrial Life Confirmed: 0

Intelligent Life: 0 (not counting Earth and, then again, why would we?)

The Kepler team has announced the detection of a planet about 2.4 times the diameter of Earth and located in the habitable zone of its star. Kepler-22b is the closest Earth analog found so far. It takes 3 transits to verify a planet and this planet takes 290 days to complete its “year”. That means this planet was studied by Kepler for at least 580 days. Kepler has been in space for over 1000 days but it takes a while to process all of the data.


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