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Bay Area Science Festival


One of the great advantages to living in the Bay Area is the number of scientific events that are available to everyone. For example, in July the SETI Institute had a science day at their offices in Mountain View. Last year, SETI also had a weekend called SETIcon which included talks from nationally well known astronomers. Based on a recent survey sent to last year’s attendees, it may be that a second SETIcon will take place next summer.

A 10 day long celebration of science is coming up this fall. From October 29 to November 6 a number of science institutions lead by UCSF are putting on the inaugural Bay Area Science Festival. Of particular interest to SJAA members and friends is the astronomy and star party night planned for November 5th. Jim Van Nuland will coordinate the SJAA portion.

By the time you read this, the first press releases announcing the festival will already be out. The total event list is still being compiled. You can learn more at


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