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Upcoming Speaker List


The following speakers are scheduled in the upcoming months. Mark your calendars. We hope to see you at the 8 p.m. meetings at Houge Park.

9/10 Slide and Equipment Night, aka “Show and Tell”

10/08 Dr. Puragra Guhathakurta Our Place In The Cosmos

11/12 Dr. Lynn Rothschild Life at the Edge: Life in Extreme Environments on Earth and the Search for Life in the Universe

12/10 Dr. Bruce Margon The Beauty of Hubble: Astronomy, Art & Culture from the Hubble Space Telescope

01/07 Dr. Alex Filippenko The Birth and Early Evolution of the Universe

02/04 John Dillon “Medieval Astronomy: more exciting than it sounds!”

03/10 Dr. Graeme Smith Two Views Of The Moon


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