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Telescopes for a Curious Planet

Mark Wagner


I am very pleased to announce, the San Jose Astronomical Association (SJAA) Board of Directors last night approved a new program that donates astronomical equipment, annually or more frequently, to deserving groups or individuals around the world for educational purposes. Equipment may come from donations made to SJAA, or the club’s loaner telescope program.

Mr. Kedar Badu in Kathmandu Nepal, with the Galileo Astronomy Club, is first recipient – a 6” home built Dobsonian donated to SJAA by Mr. Nilesh Shah. Mr. Badu authors astronomy articles for publication in Nepal, and does educational outreach taking telescopes to remote villages in his country. Mr. Shah is an SJAA alum, and recently donated his home-built 6” Dobsonian reflector (named Alfani) to the club. Both individuals were pleased to be the first participants in this program. Congratulations Kedar, and thank you Nilesh!


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