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It Must Be Astronomical


The loaner program offers members a means to try scopes of various sizes and technologies before you buy. It is one of the real jewels of being a member of the club. Scopes are available for all experience levels. The inventory is constantly changing. The following list is a sample. For more information please see the loaner program web page:

September 12 - 16 - ASP Annual Meeting in Millbrae, California.

September 17-19 - CalStar, see

September 21 - Fall classes start at Foothill College including “Astronomy for Poets”. See for more information.

October 30 - Nov.1 - Advanced Imaging Conference in San Jose

Q: How many galaxies are closer to the Milky Way Galaxy than Andromeda?
A: Assuming that all galaxies 2.2 million light years or closer to the Milky Way must be closer then there are a total of 14 galaxies closer than Andromeda. (RASC 2009, pg. 331) - Phil Plait covers bad astronomy including myths, urban legends, and the horrendous scientific errors made by Hollywood. - The astronomy blog for Astronomy magazine. Most articles are by Bill Andrews. - This is the blog for noted astronomer, Pamela Gay. She also has some astronomical podcast. Many of the blog posting involve her travels. - The JPL blog is written by Jane Houston Jones and about two dozen other contributors.

“It is worthy of notice that the brighter variables have the longer period.” – Henrietta Swan Leavitt, one of the Harvard Observatory’s “computers”.


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