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Fall “Astronomy for Poets” Classes at Foothill College

Andrew Fraknoi


2009 is the International Year of Astronomy! It’s a perfect time to treat yourself to an astronomy class at Foothill College, in Los Altos, just off freeway 280 between San Francisco and San Jose. As a community college, Foothill welcomes students from ages 16 to 80+. Some students take classes as part of a degree program, but many come just to take one or two classes for fun and self-improvement. Fall classes start Sept. 21.

This fall we offer:Astronomy 10B – Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
A first course in “astronomy for poets”, this class introduces some of the most exciting objects and discoveries in the universe, and traces the history of your atoms from the Big Bang to their place in your body today. Offered during the day (at noon) and in the evening (Tues and Thur night.) An optional hands-on lab is offered with each, and no math background is required or assumed.

Astronomy 36 –This one unit course accompanies the Silicon Valley Astronomy Lecture Series. Just attend each of the six lectures in 2009-2010 (you may watch one on the Web) and write a short paper.

The instructor for these classes was named California Professor of the Year in 2007, in recognition of his ability to explain scientific concepts in everyday language and with a sense of humor.

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