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It Must Be Astronomical


The loaner program offers members a means to try scopes of various sizes and technologies before you buy. It is one of the real jewels of being a member of the club. Scopes are available for all experience levels. The inventory is constantly changing. The following list is a sample. For more information please see the loaner program web page:

Q: What is the most interesting variable star? A: In 2009-10, that would have to be Epsilon Aurigae, a variable that appears to be eclipsed once every 27 years. (RASC 2009, pg. 301)

Upcoming Dates

September 12 - 16 - ASP Annual Meeting in Millbrae, California.

October 30 - Nov.1 - Advanced Imaging Conference in San Jose

My monthly NASA Podcast for International Year of Astronomy is about the Milky Way this month.

You can find the podcast series in many formats on my What’s Up webpage here: More great IYA content is here

“Life, or at least the building blocks from which it springs, is not rare. It is inevitable.” – Emma Bakes, NASA Ames Research Center


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