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Mailing List Policy

Mark Wagner


The board mailing list is open for anyone to post to. All SJAA board members and certain committee can post directly to the list. All others, be they regular members, or even non-members, can post, subject to moderation. Any questions or comments may be posted, and, in fact, are encouraged and welcome.

My understanding is the recent limit on direct posting access was to ensure the list was there for use by the board (and necessary committee members), but also allowed for others a way to participate. Nobody has been excluded. It is little changed from when there were some non-board/committee subscribers, but anyone else posting to the list was allowed to do so, but was moderated.

One of the objections to the prior administration of the board list was apparently that other than for the administrator, there was no way to know who was on the list. Now it is known that it is only SJAA officials, while still allowing the ability for others to post.

As for it being “secret”... it is not, and is actually much more visible than ever before. The SJAA mailing lists are now linking at the top of the SJAA web-page, where they are very easy to find. On the mailing lists page, there are explicit links for posting, subscribing, and to the archives, as applicable to the two lists SJAA runs. It is more transparent than ever, as it should be.

You can see the link at the top of the SJAA page here:

And the explicit links (and explanations of each list) on the mailing lists page here:

Finally, in order that there is as much transparency as possible, the board list is now configured such that anyone may see the names of the list’s subscribers.

I hope this puts to rest any concerns the recent transition of list administration may have raised. If there are any questions, or concerns, as stated before please feel free to express them. I would also suggest that all officers be moderators on the board list, in order that more than one person see and evaluate the incoming moderated posts.


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