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Editor's Note - Board Candidate Statements


Editors’ Note – At the February general meeting, the members of the SJAA vote on the open seats on the SJAA board. At the following board meeting in March, the board members elect the officers. Candidates for the board may have short statements placed in the Ephemeris. All such statements are presented “as is” to the greatest extent possible and do not represent an endorsement by the SJAA Ephemeris staff, the SJAA board or any other SJAA members.

The editors did receive one such statement for the January issue of the Ephemeris but a decision was made to print this and any other statements in the February issue since that is when the election takes place. As mentioned above, all statements will be printed without any editorial corrections except to save space (recommended length is 200 words or less). The deadline for the February issue is January 10th.


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