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Membership can no longer supply S&T reminders

Rob Hawley


Since S&T was purchased a couple of years ago their service to the club program has steadily declined. They used to supply me with subscription lists twice a year. I used these to update our membership database. That in turn was used for the reminder renewals.

The last update I received was over a year ago. We asked for an update 6 months ago and the request went nowhere. Thus I no longer have reliable info on when members subscriptions expire.

Therefore, I am discontinuing the service of sending out reminders for S&T renewals.Anything I did would just be a guess. Sky and Tel will send ample reminders by letter. When you get one of these you can either respond directly or renew through the club at a more favorable rate.

We will continue to process renewals as we always have. If you wait until your membership is due that may or may not be in time for your subscription.

For those that know when their subscription renews I will be happy to work out the cost of adjusting your membership so both agree.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope I receive some new info this month so we can restore the notification service.


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