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CalStar's New Approach

Rob Hawley


SJAA will hold the Fall CalStar Star Party this year on the nights of October 11 - 13 at Lake San Antonio.

This year SJAA is teamed with GSSP. GSSP put on the Lassen party this year and have been responsible for Shingletown in the past. Together we came up with a new approach how to layout and sign the CalStar site.

The new layout recognizes there is a need to support those that do not wish to camp or arrive too late. The new Late Arrival/Early Departure area uses a part of the park we have not previously used. It is different entrance that is easy to find at night, easy to drive into and out of after darkness, has good horizons, and is only a short walk from the food and other observers. It is a much better site than we previously used for Early Departers. Finally, it will reduce the impact of arrivals and departures on the more controlled areas.

The two resident areas are the Dark Enforced Area (where all white light is banned) and a Casual Area (for people that want a more relaxed experience). They will be signed this year to make them easier to find. Signage and volunteers will also make it clear when these areas close to all traffic. Every vehicle in these areas must remain off from 8 PM to morning twilight.These are the same rules we have had for 7 years. Attendees using the DEA or CA must register every vehicle in these areas by car TAG ID.

Since 90+% of the people attending CalStar camp in the dark or casual areas the only change they should notice is their night vision being preserved for the entire evening. Time is precious in a star party like this. One mistake (or inconsiderate action) can prevent someone from finding that elusive glob for 30 minutes or more.

Registration begins Sept 1. To register, for more information, or to get a tour of the new layout visit our website at


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