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Project ASTRO - Be A Visiting Astronomer



Get Free Training and Materials with Project ASTRO.

Students Need Your Astronomy Enthusiasm

When did you get introduced to astronomy? Surely you remember seeing Saturn's rings for the first time and how it took your breath away? Many kids today have never looked through a telescope and have no one around to show them the wonders of the night sky. This is your chance to pass on the spark to the next generation. Be a part of the Bay Area Project ASTRO family this year. We are looking for astronomers (amateurs, professionals, or students) to partner with a dedicated teacher and share their passion for astronomy with a 3rd-9th-grade classroom. The difference you can make in the awareness of so many students is truly astounding. You will be paired with a teacher in a school close to you and given the tools and training to effectively teach astronomy. Many volunteers have rated Project ASTRO as their most rewarding outreach experience. One astronomer said, "I felt like a rock star. The students asked me for my autograph!" There are already many teachers in your area who have applied to the program. The time commitment is tiny compared to the difference you will make. The initial training is August 3rd and 4th. Then you visit the class at least 4 times over the upcoming school year, becoming one class's astronomer extraordinaire. For more information and an online application (due May 4th), visit:


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