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Leadership Changes - Mike Koop Leaves Presidency


At the March General meeting the SJAA officers were elected. The results are as follows:
Rob Hawley — President
Rich Neuschaefer — Vice President
Gary Mitchell — Treasurer
Craig Scull — Secretary

Mike Koop Leaves Presidency

Michael Koop is no longer president of the SJAA. Mike has been the most visible face and voice of the San Jose Astronomical Association for several years. He joined the board of directors in 1998 and became president in 2001. He received the AANC Amateur Astronomer Award from the Astronomical Association of Northern California in 2005. It wasn’t difficult to find reasons to give him this award. He has run the loaner scope program since the 1990’s. He usually does the “What’s up in the sky tonight” portion of the star parties at Houge. He headed up the mirror–making workshop classes and he set up several meteor counting parties. In fact, Mike has helped raise the profile of the SJAA by taking part in projects such as the Leonid Multi–Instrument Aircraft Campaign. He has served as Vice–President of both SJAA and AANC. He also led the effort to make a compendium of Ephemeris newsletters available on CD–ROM.

His passion for astronomy is clear but less obvious is the way in which he guided the SJAA through difficult issues. His easy–going manner belies the fact that he always gets things done. We thank Mike Koop for all that he has done and will continue to do for the SJAA.


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