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SJAA Swap Meet

Gary Mitchell


Join us for the SJAA astronomical swap meet at Houge Park in San Jose on Sunday, November 5, 2006. The doors open at noon for sellers to set up, selling starts around 1 PM and generally lasts until 3 or 4 PM. Don’t be too late–the good stuff sells quickly.

If it’s related to astronomy, you might find it here! Telescopes, binoculars, eyepieces, mountings, mirrors, lenses, clock drives, books, camera equipment, star charts, finders, tubes, diagonals, photographs, space art... you name it.

You never know what goodies you can find. Check your garage and closets for anything astronomical you would like to sell. Anyone can buy and sell, it’s fun and easy! Get your holiday shopping done early this year!

In the past the SJAA charged a 10% commission on all sales. It was brought to our attention that this might prevent your payment from being completely tax deductible and possibly could complicate things for the club. So, payments to the club are now voluntary donations–and thus are definitely tax deductible. In order to make things easier, sellers an option: continue with the 10 % donation (it’s a donation now, not a commission), or if you wish just make it a flat donation for the table–$10 or $20 is recommended, depending on how much stuff you have and its value. Obviously this has to be on the honor system, or conscience system as the case may be. Just keep in mind this event is a needed fund raiser for the club. So, please be generous.

Do you have a large item to sell such as a telescope? Please email with a description and a photo of the item or a link to your own web site for some pre-swap publicity. We will post the information to the swap web page to allow people to do some research before they get to the swap.

Do you have only one or two items to sell? A consignment table will be there for your convenience. You can put up to 3 items there and we’ll handle it–you can go shop at the swap and not have to sit there with just a couple of items.

The SJAA does it for you!

Part of making the swap successful for all is to make sure lots of people know about it. Please pass the word–especially to those who are new to astronomy.

For more information and directions, visit our web site at

The SJAA reserves the right to turn away inappropriate items for the swap.


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