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Electronic Ephemeris

Gary Mitchell


Did you know the Ephemeris is available on-line?

Check it out at Theres a PDF version available for download or you can read it in HTML right there with your browser. (The PDF version requires Adobe Acrobat version 5 or higher.) Past issues are also available in case you missed one.

The PDF version is the same as what gets printed. Occasionally the HTML version has slightly longer articles or things there wasnt room for in the paper version. The PDF version includes the membership form and list of officers, but the HTML version doesnt (since that info is available elsewhere on the web site anyway).

Its nice to have paper to hold and be able to read anywhere without power or laptops, but the electronic version has certain advantages. The electronic version includes color: this is especially nice with photos! It also includes hyper-links. It gets delivered instantly this will be particularly nice for those in certain zip codes that tend to get the newsletter late. And it saves the club money and the effort it takes to prepare and mail them.

If you spill your favorite beverage on the paper Ephemeris, too bad, we dont mail you a new one. Thats not a problem with the electronic version, just print out however many copies you like. And if you use a color printer youll have a color Ephemeris! The only downside is: its you who does the printing and stapling instead of the club.

If you wish to continue receiving the paper version of the Ephemeris, do nothing. However, if youd like to switch, just check the appropriate box on the membership form or send an e-mail to stating your wishes. (Be sure to include your name as it appears on your mailing label.)

Our editor will post a reminder to the SJAA announce e-mail list when a new issue is available. Make sure you are on that remailer if you want to see those e-mail reminders, (see the SJAA webpage:


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