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CalStar 2006 Registration Open

Rob Hawley


You may now register and order meals for the SJAA CalStar star party at


Once again Valley Catering will be selling meals on Friday and Saturday night. All Thursday night guests must bring their own food.

All Meals must be ordered in advance and prepaid at the time of registration.

As a part of the reservation process you will be given an opportunity to either pay for the meals using PayPal or will get a form that you can send to SJAA along with a check. Note that a small handling fee will be charged for the PayPal transactions.

Meals are ordered when SJAA receives the money not when the reservation is made. If you are using PayPal for registration then you can reserve a meal until 10AM Wednesday Sept 20. If you decide to mail a check then it must be in the SJAA mailbox by the same time. Payments received after that time cannot be accepted. I will confirm all reservations via email.

For more information see

First Time Visitors to CalStar The website provides a Photo Tour of the CalStar site to acquaint yourself with the layout First Time Attending a Multi-Day Star Party? Never attended a multi-day star party before? You might find this interesting Descriptions of CalStar Zones The CalStar site enables us to apply different rules to different portions of the site. You can have as casual or hard core observing experience as you like. See for more details Questions? Please send questions to


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