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Some Notes on Sky and Telescope Subscriptions

Rob Hawley

Recently (early July) members whose subscriptions expire in October have been receiving an alarming letter from S&T indicating their subscription has expired and they may already have missed an issue. Well it simply isn’t true.

If your subscription expires in October it means you will receive your final issue at the end of August. They don’t even run the mail lists for the October issue until early August based on the information I have received. I complained to S&T last week and then I received a letter for my subscription. My August issue arrived the previous week and I know that two more copies are coming.

If I have your email address then you get an email from me about 90 days before the expiration date. For example, the October expiring members received an email in late June. If you reply to that email promptly we will get your renewal to S&T before they really need it. I could move the notification back another month, but that would not insure that people did not receive these notices.

So what do you do if you get one? Well, if you received this letter you already have gotten an email from me anyway so you should renew now. (This is a good reason to insure that SJAA has your current email address).

As far as the lost issues, etc. I would suggest taking a deep breath. If anyone has any concerns they can contact me at If you would like to have your club membership expire in the month that you get the notice for S&T then contact me and that can be arranged. In practice it does not really matter.


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