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Volunteers Wanted

Bob Brauer


After more than a decade of monthly service to the club, Bob Brauer, Lew Kurtz and Dave North are running out of steam. We need to find the next generation of newsletter circulation staff.

Here’s the deal:The newsletters are picked up from the printer. Rob Hawley supplies the input to print the labels. Then you get to have a labeling and sorting party to put address labels on each newsletter and sort them into Postal Service trays. Next, you get to add up the numbers and fill out the paperwork for entering the Bulk Mail system.

After that, you will take the trays to the San Jose Main Post Office on Lundy Avenue between 9AM and 7PM, Monday through Friday, and submit the mailing to a postal clerk at the Business Mail entry office.

Finally you pick up empty trays and get ready to do it all again next month. The result of all this “fun” is that you will save the club over $70 per month in mailing expenses.

We need to find replacements quickly as Dave, Lew and I have to exit from the process in July. We will be able to walk you through the system if you raise your hand quickly. Volunteers should live in, or commute through, San Jose near Lundy Ave and Brokow Rd. Send e-mail to “” and let us know when you can help.


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