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Auction 2006

Mike Koop

From top to bottom: a)Equipment is prepared and inspected before the auction starts, b) the auction attracts a pretty good crowd, c) Kevin Medlock was the auctioneer, d) a few items that were up for sale, e) Kevin holds up a small "Mak" for consideration by the attendees.


The 26th SJAA Auction was held on April 9th at Houge Parks. The auction was packed with potential bidders & bargain hunters. Some were very picky when it come to small SCT scopes. On the other hand, the action picked up for smaller items particularly high quality eyepieces. Nonetheless, everyone went home happy! The Auction netted about $1300 for SJAA.

A big thank you goes to all who worked on the auction and made sure it ran smoothly. Special thanks to Parks Opticals, Lumicon International, and to Sam Sweiss of Scope City for all items donated. Sam has been an avid supporter and promoter of the SJAA. Orion Telescope, Ken Frank, Jeff Horne, The Medlocks, and Lick Observatory also donated items. And thanks to Kevin Medlock who was our auctioneer this year. Kevin announced that he and his wife Denni are moving to a new place near Redding later this spring. It sounds dark and that’s great. For more photos, go here. – Mike Koop


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