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Board of Directors Elected


At the February 11 general meeting, the Board of Directors was elected for the coming year. Four directors are elected in even-numbered years; five in odd years.

Standing for re-election were Gary Mitchell, Dave Smith, Mike Koop, and Rob Hawley. No candidates were nominated from the floor, so the membership voted to close nominations and declare the candidates elected.

At the previous board meeting, directors Jim Van Nuland and Dana Crom resigned, each at mid-term. Appointed to fill their terms were Dr. Lee Hoglan and Rich Neuschaefer, respectively. Craig Scull was appointed Secretary. Craig and Bill O'Shaughnessy have a year remaining on their terms.

The SJAA thanks Jim and Dana for their years of service to the SJAA. Jim has been on the board of directors since 1973 and secretary since 1979. Jim said that he is not leaving the club, but wanted to make room on the Board for someone who can better address the club's business and goals. He will continue coordinating the school star party program. Dana has been on the board of directors since 2003. He resigned due to increasing work load with frequent trips to Korea. Dana hopes to volunteer where needed when he is in town.


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