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Editor's Dark Matter


Once in a while we like to mention a few things about the publication you are now reading, the SJAA Ephemeris. The Ephemeris comes in 3 formats: printed, Adobe Acrobat (.pdf file) and HTML.

All articles donated to this newletter are considered for publication. In the last year the only articles refused were due to our size limitations and that was very rare. In nearly all cases the article appeared in our online HTML version. We request all articles be submitted by the 10th day of the month, the issue goes to the printer around the 15th-18th day and, at least San Jose addresses receive the printed copy by the last day of the month. The web versions are generally available by the last day of the month.

The Ephemeris may use many different fonts but most headlines use an Adobe font called Kepler and the body of most articles uses an Adobe font called Cronos Pro. Page layout is currently done with Adobe PageMaker 7.0 but that may change within the next year. The printer uses an Adobe Acrobat file. Our printer is Accuprint and we appreciate the special consideration they give us.

Photos credited to NASA (including all divisions such as JPL) are used according to NASA's policy. We cannot officially give permission for others to use these photos but you may be able to use them according to that same policy. The article from NASA on page 4 is a press release. The "Space Place" article on page 5 is provided by NASA as a special service to astronomy clubs and similar organizations.


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