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Fall Swap - November 13, 2005

Mike Koop

Approximately 94 people not only attended CalStar this year but they assembled into a crowd and all faced the same direction. Photo courtesy of Rob Hawley.


The SJAA Fall Astronomical swap meet will be conducted at Houge Park in San Jose Sunday, November 13, 2005, starting at noon.

Telescopes, binoculars, eyepieces, mountings, mirrors, lenses, clock drives, books, camera equipment, star charts, finders, tubes, diagonals, photographs, space art - everything you need to make your hobby more enjoyable. You name it, it's likely to be there! Check your garage and closets for anything astronomical you would like to sell. Anyone can buy and sell, it's fun and easy!

This is the fifth year for the swap, which is a follow on to the spring auction that has been run for twenty-five years. There is no auction, just the swap sale. Get your holiday shopping done early this year!

Doors open at 12:00 p.m. to set up tables and bring in the material for sale. Selling will begin at 1 p.m., and will run as long as needed (probably 3 p.m.). Each buyer pays the seller. Sellers are to keep track of their sales and pay 10% commission for items (new or used) with a cap of $50 for any one item, $500 maximum per seller. The commission is fully tax deductible. There are no table fees. Please bring items that would interest the astronomical audience such as astronomical, science, or tech items. The SJAA reserves the right to turn away inappropriate items for the swap. Joe Sunseri of Earth and Sky Adventure Products will be there with many fine new and used items such as eyepieces and telescope accessories.

Do you have a large item to sell such as a telescope? Please email with a description and a photo of the item or a link to your own website for some pre-swap publicity. We will post the information to the swap web page to allow people to do some research before they get to the swap. Have only one item to sell, such as a book or eyepiece? A consignment table for people to drop off up to 3 items will be available so that they can shop at the swap and not be hindered by selling an item.

Part of running a successful swap is to make sure that there are people who are new to astronomy in attendance. We can use your help to make this so! Go to the swap website linked off the main page, download, and print a swap poster to display. Post them at the bulletin boards at work, at church, at your local library, or where you think people might be interested. Hand it out to a friend who has expressed interest in getting a telescope. You get the idea! Thanks for your assistance!

For more information and directions, visit our web site at


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