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Birthday for a Legend

From top to bottom: "Valley of the Dobs",John Dobson,a Dobsonian cake,part of the crowd,John Dobson again, Timothy Ferris was the keynote speaker.


It was an unusually clear, sunny day in San Francisco, perfect for observing through solar scopes as part of the Astronomical Association of Northern California's 2005 conference at the Randall Museum on Saturday, August 27th. Over 100 people gathered to celebrate the 90th birthday of John Dobson, co-founder of The Sidewalk Astronomers, teacher, and best known for designing and constructing the "Dobsonian" mount.

Richard Ozer from the AANC Board welcomed all and specially mentioned the San Jose Astronomical Association, stating that it was a "good example of what an amateur club should be." The conference included mirror grinding by Chabot Telescope Makers Workshop, "Dob in a Day" by San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers Randall staff, and photo shoots at the "Valley of the Dobs." A birthday cake, bearing a telescope, was presented and John was given a proclamation from Mayor Newsom honoring him for the things he had accomplished and declaring the day as "John Dobson Day."

The day concluded with AANC awards, raffle and pizza, the feature film "A Sidewalk Astronomer" (a film about John Dobson), and a discussion and Star Party with the honoree of the day.


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