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Astronomy For Recreation

Andrew Fraknoi


Starting in the Fall of 2005, Foothill College will offer a new 1-unit astronomy seminar to accompany its popular beginning course, Astronomy 10B (Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe.)
The seminar, called "Astronomy 105: Astronomy for Recreation," will be an overview of astronomy as a hobby or avocation, for those who would like to find more ways to enjoy the cosmos. It is offered Monday afternoons, from 1:40 to 2:30 pm, starting Sept. 26. No background in science or special equipment will be required.

Among the topics the seminar will cover are:
* What are the best web sites for astronomy knowledge, pictures, and observing help?
* Where are the best places in the Bay Area to look through a telescope?
* Family Astronomy: Doing fun, hands-on astronomy projects with your kids or grand-kids?
* Constellation lore and constellation finding: Using a handy star-finder wheel
* Astronomy and science fiction (movies and books): The good, the bad, and the ugly
* Eclipses and eclipse "chasing": Where and when to go
* Buying and using binoculars or a telescope
* Local organizations and projects you can get involved with
* Help getting your mind around the "big astronomy issues" in the news: black holes, cannibal galaxies, the big bang, dark matter

For more information see this.


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