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Rob Hawley


The sixth edition of CalStar will be held at Lake San Antonio the nights of Thursday Sept. 29 through Saturday Oct 1, 2005. Registration is now open. This is a nice low key way to end the summer observing season; a reasonable sunset time and some of the darkest skies in California.

Catered dinners will be available on Friday and Saturday evenings by preregistration. Both meat and vegetarian meals are available. Check the web site below for detailed menus and prices.

CalStar tries to accommodate folks of many experience levels. We separate the observing area into a dark enforced area and a casual area. The dark enforced area is assured by banning use of white light (and asking folks to use red lights sparingly). For folks that feel more comfortable with more light there is a casual use area with somewhat more relaxed light rules.

Most folks choose to camp either at the edge of the dark restricted area or in an adjacent casual area. RVs are welcome in the casual area. There are also a limited number of local accommodations. These should be arranged beforehand. Showers are available for the campers at an adjacent campground.

If three nights are not enough, then you are welcome to come early or stay extra nights. You just need to pay the park fees.

To register or for more information see the web page. Sponsored by the San Jose Astronomical Association.


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