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New Discounts for Club Members

Rob Hawley


There are many reasons people join this club. It is always nice when one of the reasons is to save money! I was recently informed of two new discount programs for club members.

Oceanside Photo and Telescope ( is a large telescope and eyepiece dealer based in Southern California. They have just informed the club that our members qualify for an discount of up to 10% on all of their merchandise. Enter 70079 in the OPTAS Rewards field during checkout to obtain the discount. The offer did not specify which type of merchandise qualified for what discount, but I shop at OPT anyway so this is just a way to reduce my costs.

In addition, Sam Sweiss of Scope City in San Francisco reminds club members that he also offers discounts on items at his store. He can be more generous on high margin items, but has less room to discount low margin items. He offers local, high quality customer service. Sam has also been a long time benefactor of this club and many other clubs and activities in Northern California.


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