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Board of Directors Elected

Jim Van Nuland


The February General Meeting is designated the corporation's Annual Meeting, at which the Board of Directors are elected for the coming year. The Board has nine members who serve two-year terms. Four are elected in even years; the other five in odd years.

Re-elected were: Dana Crum, Jim Van Nuland, Bill O'Shaughnessy, Craig & Elena Scull (shared seat). Newly-elected was Gordon Reade. Bob Havner declined re-nomination, and Gordon takes his seat.

Another year to go: Gary Mitchell, Dave Smith, Mike Koop, and Rob Hawley. For the record, Steve Nelson resigned in May 2004; Rob was appointed to the vacancy on August 28, 2004.

We thank Bob and Steve for their many contributions, and welcome Rob and Gordon to the Board.

At the next Board meeting the new Board will elect its officers.


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