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Real Class

Dave North


There will be no Moon column this month because, due to a unique conjunction of libration effects, precession harmonics, alignment of planets and disjunction of conjunctions, there will be no Moon this month.

Okay, okay, okay.

Really there won't be a column because I kept trying to think of something to do for an April Fool's Column and never really did. As you can see.

There is (as usual) an event of some note that We Won't See - a hybrid solar eclipse. Annular in some parts and total out in the middle of the Pacific, basically.

For those who like extremely astringent thrills, there's April 24's penumbral lunar eclipse in the wee hours of the morning. Few things are less exciting than a penumbral eclipse, but I'll be glad to publish a list of same should folks wish to send their suggestions in. Suffice it to say the Moon will look a bit dim.

Another reason for the abbreviated column (other than a stunning lack of inspiration and/or cleverness) is the good weather we've had preceding and just after March 10. This has led to a spate of Actual Observing, Messier Marathoning (until clouds didn't us part) and Incredibly Long Hikes To See Great Things That Leave Me Exhausted.

So there!


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