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Shingletown Star Party

Richard Ozer


The rain is nearly over... in fact the skies have just cleared over Northern California (for a few hours anyhow). That means it's time to start thinking about SUMMER STAR PARTIES!!!

And if it didn't pop into your head right away, it's a particularly good time to start thinking about the SHINGLETOWN STAR PARTY.

This is SSP's 4th year. Located just 17 miles from Mt. Lassen, the Shingletown Star Party is a fun and unique event, drawing hundreds of amateur astronomers from around the western US. The event is held at the Shingletown Airport (don't worry... no airplanes) boasting dark skies and lots of daytime activities as well.

This years event will be held from Wednesday July 6th through Monday July 11th. Registration is now open! To register or to get more information, visit

Feel free to download the flyer. [Editor's note: If you download the flyer and you only see a gray screen, wait a couple of minutes for the download to complete.]


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