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Alien Earths


The UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) is hosting the exhibit "Alien Earths" until May 8, 2005. The LHS is located on Centennial Drive below Grizzly Peak in the Berkeley Hills. In addition to the exhibit, a lectures series is given and the next set of these talks will be on March 20 - see the following article for more details.

The exhibit Alien Earths was developed by the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado with funding from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Science Foundation. It is a hands-on exhibit that covers the search for life, as well as orients individuals to both the possibilities and the obstacles that figure into exploring space. The exhibit is divided into four areas:

Our Place in Space
Star and Planet Formation
Planet Quest
Search for Life

Interactive and multimedia presentations in the exhibit will allow visitors to:

Set planets in motion around a star and see what happens
Experiment with an infrared camera
Listen to sounds from space
Learn about microbes, the most abundant life form on Earth and possibly elsewhere

Admission to LHS is $8.50/adults; $6.50/ youth (5-18), full-time students, senior citizens, and the disabled; $4.50/children 3-4; and free for children two and under. For general information call (510) 642-5132. The Lawrence Hall of Science website is at and it includes driving directions.

SETI Institute and the NASA Kepler mission are cosponsors of the LHS run of the Alien Earths exhibit.


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