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SJAA February General Meeting

Scott Sandford to speak about Stardust - February 26, 2005

Bob Havner

Six years ago, on February 7th 1999, the Stardust spacecraft was launched. Beginning its 7-year mission to rendezvous with Comet Wild 2 and return particles back to earth. On June 14, 2003 Scott Sandford spoke to the SJAA about the Stardust Mission, the spacecraft, the experiments, and the mission goals. Since then, on January 2, 2004, the Stardust spacecraft successfully encountered Comet Wild 2, collected samples, and is now on the return voyage to Earth. At the February SJAA meeting Scott Sandford is returning to give a mission update including the latest mission images and findings. For more information, check out the Ephemeris article on Project Stardust.

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