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Sky and Telescope Renewals

Rob Hawley

Sky and Telescope Renewals Rob Hawley The club offers discounts to Sky and Telescope as a benefit of membership. Normally the anniversary date of the subscription is near the anniversary of your membership. During December S&T sent renewal notices for members whose subscriptions expired in June 05. This is well in advance of what is required; however, it highlights a problem that the renewal cannot occur at the last moment. The club will begin sending emails to members with subscriptions two months ahead of their expiration months (e.g. we are notifying members whose expiration is at the end of March in early January). That is enough time to process your renewal to S&T to keep the subscription current. If you get a notice from S&T to renew you should consider renewing your club membership at that time. We would appreciate seeing the form as that will make sure we know your subscription anniversary. Also the postage paid envelope will allow the club to save some money. We are working on renewing using the website and will make an announcement when that is ready. Sky Pub unfortunately does not offer multiple year club subscriptions. Still the club rate is lower than the 3 year public rate.

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