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KTEH Auction September 15th

Mike Koop

The SJAA Crew at KTEH taking pledges for Nova's The Elegant Universe. We helped raise over $13,000! Back Row: Barbara and Ernie Piini, Eric Anderson, Kosha Ganatra, Jim Albers, Paul Jordan, Hsin-I Huang Front Row: Mike Koop, Leon Jones, Gary Mitchell


On August 5th, 10 SJAA members provided telephone support during the pledge breaks at KTEH for Nova's The Elegant Universe. We helped the station raise over $13,000 that night. We had so much fun, we decided to do it again! On Wednesday, September 15th, the SJAA will be at The Great KTEH Auction. They are looking for help answering phones, entering bids into computers, setting up bid tables, and assisting at the warehouse for pickups. Our shift will be 8:15 PM to midnight. KTEH provides the training and food. You will be amazed how fast the time goes by! If you are interested in helping out, email Mike Koop or phone at (408)473-6315.


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