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From The Board


Wanted: Laptop

Do you have an old but perfectly good laptop running Windows 98 (or later) that you don't want anymore? The SJAA could use a couple. If at all possible, it should have a color monitor, VGA output, 3.5" floppy and/or CD (preferably both). A USB port would be nice too.

See Mike Koop, Jim Van Nuland, or Gary Mitchell at any meeting. The SJAA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, donations are tax deductable.

New SJAA Logo?

Take a look at the top of the first page. See that graphic? That's been the default SJAA logo for a while now. It's OK, but the SJAA doesn't have an observatory like that. The board was thinking it'd be nice if the logo were more representative of the club.

Most of what we do is have star parties with amateur telescopes. Gary Mitchell suggested our logo could be a silhouette of several people with various amateur telescopes, all looking in different directions at the sky; perhaps with one or two of the people pointing sky-ward. (Imagine what one would see from a small distance looking at our Houge park public star party.)

Some board members suggested making a contest out of it. No prize was mentioned... yet. Of course, there's always bragging rights. If there's enough interest, we can have a contest.

In any case, if you're interested in working on a new club logo, contact Gary Mitchell at


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