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Foothill College Lecture Series

Andrew Fraknoi


Dr. Yvonne Pendleton of NASA's Ames Research Center, will give a non-technical, illustrated talk on:
"In the Heat of the Night: Searching for the Heat of Infant Stars, Comets, and the Building Blocks of Life" in the Smithwick Theater, Foothill College, El Monte Road and Freeway 280, in Los Altos Hills, California.
Free and open to the public. Parking on campus costs $2
Call the series hot-line at 650-949-7888 for more information.

Co-sponsored by:
NASA Ames Research Center
The Foothill College Astronomy Program
The SETI Institute
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Dr. Pendleton is an astronomer at NASA's Ames Research Center and was recently elected a Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences. She specializes in the study of the raw material and the primitive objects that can reveal how more mature planets and stars formed and continue to form. Her talk will include some of the first images and information from the Spitzer Telescope, a new orbiting instrument like the Hubble, but designed to show us the universe in heat rays.

Dr. Pendleton is very interested in education and has been visiting classrooms in the Bay Area regularly for ten years. Asteroid 7165 has been named Asteroid Pendleton by the International Astronomical Union to recognize her contributions to both science and outreach.


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