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Editor's Semi-Dark Matter

  • If you are stumped by what NGC means, if your astro friends toss around IC and PK and Abell with numbers after them, try this site.
  • NASA Ames has initiated a quarterly speaker series. The first one was Andrew Chaikin (the major source for Tom Hanks' HBO series From the Earth to the Moon) on March 11. For more information see NASA Ames.
  • AstroCon 2004 will be a truly amazing event. It combines the national meetings of the ASP, the Astronomical League, the AAVSO and ALPO. The website is fully functional as of March 5. If you visited the website earlier, you should return. Go to Astrocon2004.
  • Don't forget the Auction - Houge Park on April 4. Doors open at noon.
  • Lick Observatory is hiring an assistant to help with the summer programs. Click here for the Lick Observatory Employment page.
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