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Editor's Semi-Dark Matter


Gibor Basri's article in the November/December issue of Mercury gives us three new words to learn: fusor - an object that achieves core fusion sometime during its existence; planemo - a non-fusor whose self-gravity is sufficient to make it round; planet - a planemo whose primary orbit is around a fusor.

Those interested in running for the club's board should contact Jim Van Nuland.

The Silicon Valley Astronomy Lecture Series will continue on February 11. More details in the February Ephemeris.

Missing Jane and "Mojo" Jones? Check out the November 11, 2003 version of Let's Talk Stars by David Levy - a webcasted radio show found at

The SJAA website is moving to a new server. The only difference that you should notice is somewhat better response time but look for future web improvements including the ability to renew your membership online.


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