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An interesting SJAA eclipse report

Doneley Watson

Eclipse night pictures from Terry Kahl, pictured at bottom. Above, the moon emerges from eclipse. Immediately below, the group gathers at Hogue Park.


Since we were not conveniently located for viewing this most recent eclipse, I decided to see if I could locate some pictures of mine that Sky & Telescope had published for an eclipse many, many years ago. I sent them a note with the approximate years during which I would have taken the pictures, and they came up with the appropriate issue (June 1949). The eclipse was on April 12. I had produced 52 images spread over diagonals of three 2 1/4 by 3 1/4 negatives. The shutter was snapped every 5 minutes. They sent me a copy of the two pages with the images from the middle picture spread across the bottom of two pages.


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