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Music of the spheres

Bob Havner


Tickets for the Lick Observatory Summer Programs are going to be available starting May 13th. The two programs are The Summer Visitors Program and The Music of the Spheres. Lick Observatory Summer Visitors Program is an opportunity for the public to view the heavens through two Lick telescopes. On six Friday and Saturday nights, a limited number of ticket-holders will enjoy a lecture by an astronomer followed by telescope viewing. Tickets are "by lottery." For tickets and more info:

Music of the Spheres is a series of summer concerts followed by talks given by Lick Observatory astronomers and (weather permitting) viewing through a Lick telescope. Performances are held at Lick Observatory in the Great Hall of the Main Building, and the proceeds of the concerts benefit Lick Observatory's Visitors Program. Tickets are first come first served. Information, including tickets, performers, and speakers can be found at:


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