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SJAA Yosemite public star party, 2003

Jim Van Nuland


The annual SJAA Yosemite star party will be held on July 25 and 26, at Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. Up to 30 people will be given free admission and camping, in exchange for two public events on Friday and Saturday evenings. We are expected to have at least 1 scope per 2 people.

Detailed information may be found on my Yosemite page,

The camping is rough by modern standards: no dining room, no showers, no hot water. Read about it (above), or contact me with questions. To reserve space, tell me the number of people you'll have, and the number of scopes that will be set up for the public. E-mail, or phone 408-371-1307 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

[Editor's note - The group campsite at Bridal Veil campground is notoriously undersized for a group of thirty astronomers. There is actually room for about six vehicles and tents, and not enough bear boxes for everyone. There is a big advantage to going to Yosemite early and paying for your own campsite at Bridal Veil. Campsites are inexpensive, easy to acquire on Thursday, and it's usually possible to obtain one even on Friday before about 1 p.m. Astronomers arriving late in the afternoon on Saturday are not likely to find room for a tent, a car, or food in a bear box!]


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