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Robert Naeye returns for March program


March 15: Robert Naeye of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific — Solving the universe's mysteries through extra dimensions.

What is the dark matter? Why is the universe's expansion accelerating? Why is gravity so weak that a $10 magnet can lift a paper clip against the gravitational force of the entire Earth? Invoking the existence of dimensions beyond the three we experience in our everyday lives helps scientists explain some of these great mysteries, convincing many of them that our seeming 4-dimensional universe is embedded in a higher-dimensional hyperspace.

Join Robert Naeye on a mind-bending romp through the possibility of hidden dimensions and their effects on our perception of reality.

Robert Naeye is the editor of Mercury magazine, which is published in San Francisco by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. He is the 2002 recipient of the American Astronomical Society High Energy Astrophysics Division's David N. Schramm Award for Science Journalism and the Astronomical Association of Northern California's 2002 Professional Astronomer of the Year Award.


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