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School star parties

Bob Havner


Here is a list of March school star parties. If one is near your home or work please come join us and share your hobby with some future astronomers.

March School Star Parties
Mar. 5Steinbeck Middle, Almaden valley
Mar. 6Sakamoto school, SE San Jose
Mar. 10Silver Oak Elementary, far E San Jose
Mar. 11Randol Elementary, SE San Jose
Mar. 12Argonaut School, Saratoga
Mar. 13Santa Rita school, Los Altos
Mar. 14Cadwallader Elementary, E San Jose
Mar. 18Briarwood Elementary, Santa Clara
Mar. 19Saratoga Elementary, (Saratoga)
Mar. 27Cedar Grove Elementary, E San Jose

For details see Jim Van Nuland's school star party page


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